Un Paseo por el Rio y las Estancias del Interior de Buenos Aires

Called Rincón de San Pedro Davila Reef, the city known as San Pedro awaits us from the shore of the Parana River with a picturesque landscape of wet vegetation, ideal stay for rest of weekend and a must-see waterfront with descents beach to freshen up and go during hot days.

Route to San Pedro

Road to the town of Rosario, in the section linking Buenos Aires with santafecina bank along Route 9, San Pedro, a green and traditional city stands inside Buenos Aires famous for its regional products and its incredible waterfront , favorite for those who like a walk along the river and a break near the town without noise or routine. A 164 kilometers from the capital, we can be reached by car in about 2 hours to San Pedro, across the highway Buenos AiresRosario , a nice route for walking and fast for moving vehicles. Arriving in a first stage of travel, the streets of downtown San Pedro offer us the opportunity to shop, walk through the pedestrian where various stalls of crafts also work and enjoy lunch or dinner outdoors in one of restaurants find down the street Mitre. The river fish specialties in pairing with some handcrafted wines of Santa Fe , are some of the most delicious dishes you can try in the coastal San Pedro.

Museums and culture of San Pedro

For those who choose a tour of the typical museums before entering the area of the coast, there are several interesting options that allow us to know the culture of this town, the historical legacy of its origins and fauna that made the place millions of years ago . Starting at the Paleontological Museum where we find remains of dinosaurs that inhabited the region of the Parana River, our journey can continue through the Municipal Palace, where the Regional Historical Museum that preserves computer graphics and documents works since the founding of the city with objects, clothing and works of the century. Both museums are open throughout the year although slightly modify their schedules in summer, due to sightseeing. Tickets range 4 pesos for all age groups. Another of the most visited museums in San Pedro surprised us by name: “the dream of the basement,” an old room with a garden of statues that lets us know the typical design of the houses inside Buenos Aires and the undeniable reason its name, a place where any immigrant arrived early in the century, dreamed of working their land and enjoy your family on the coast of Parana River very rich.

Activities in San Pedro

Following the tour of the Mitre street towards the river, we reached the central square of San Pedro, called Plaza Constitution. Here we have several options to continue entering in the port city green. The craft fair that surrounds the perimeter of the square offers various regional products including stand sweet citrus and spirits. We will see that from the entrance to the city, San Pedro, known for intense production of oranges and fruits in general, we offer many stalls of fruit sales in the route and also throughout the center and surroundings. We can acquire there offers native oranges for 10 or 15 pesos and fruit taste and flavor large. In the craft fair, there are many citrus-based products as well as regional crafts in wood, grass of the coastal region and various cakes and desserts, perfect with a bitter matte side of the river. Nestled in the Plaza Constitution, we find the most visited building of St. Peter’s Church Nuestra Señora del Socorro, created in 1872, with a typically Italian and very leading style of the facade of the square, who always appears in all photos San Pedro family. We can visit the church throughout the year to make contact with various works of art themselves eighteenth century Italian Renaissance and complete the tour of the historic town. In front of the square, we find the typical general store Dutra, declared of regional historical interest. Log in to buy food there is to feel the experience of stopping time and share the environment and the facade of the store with the first inhabitants of the town of San Pedro.

Parana River

Nearing the end of the route on Mitre street, we find the great treasure that San Pedro gives us the Parana River waterfront. Through the viewpoint that extends at the top of the coastal road, we can make a first panoramic watching the coast and a long and unforgettable walk under the wet trees surrounding the park. There will also find local food stalls and grills where you can taste grilled meat and drink some fresh drink. Since the stairs are locked at several Paradores viewpoint, we can begin the journey to the lower river, where we expect the Fishermen Club and the Club Nautico, two of the favorite places in the area where we camping, water sports and take classes and rowing boat. There festivals and celebrations are also held to the river bank where we can enjoy the best sunsets locals.

Author: Jorge Gobbi @morrissey

Photography: loco085, the dream of the basement , church our lady of relief , nautico san pedro

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